Total ATM Management

ATMs have evolved dramatically since their introduction in the 1960’s. Today they are complex, fully interactive customer touchpoints that offer a wide range of services, dispensing cash, concert tickets, pre-paid cards and featuring state-of-the-art devices such as scanners and streaming video.

One thing that has not changed, is the importance of keeping your ATM network operational 24x7. SmartATM is designed to provide you with all the tools you need to automate, service and monitor your ATM network. SmartATM helps ensure that your most visible channel keeps running 24x7, delivering the services your customers need at a cost that meets your business goals.

With our cash management solution you can monitor cash flows, pinpoint patterns and optimize the levels of cash held at each ATM, based on accurate demand forecasting. In addition to ensuring that out-of-cash conditions are avoided, this solution can dramatically reduce the cost of managing your ATM network.

Full range of services

In addition to supporting all the standard ATM transaction types – such as cash withdrawals, balance inquiries, PIN change, mini statements, cash deposits and funds transfer – SmartATM also supports a wide range of value-added services – including mobile top-up, bill payment and remittances.

With SmartATM you can extend your marketing campaigns to your ATM network, remotely configuring menus and screens to ensure that the marketing messages reach the target customers. And with SmartATM’s flexibility you can tailor the message to each individual customer.

SmartATM also provides facilities to integrate your call center operators into your ATM network ensuring that customers can speak to an operator simply by picking up the phone or touching a button on the ATM. For added convenience two-way video is supported.

    Flexible Support Options

    For ATM processors, SmartATM supports unlimited hierarchical institution and agent structures to match any organizational ATM scheme, such as assigning ATMs to different bank branches or localities.

    Manual and Electronic Data Capture

    SmartATM can capture ATM registration data electronically via external systems or data can be entered manually. Preconfigured templates simplify this process for operators with pre-set ATM parameters, such as PIN length and card capture capabilities. This feature also helps transfer data easily from an outdated system to a new system, ensuring successful migration.

    Range of Acquiring Management Features

    SmartATM provides full ATM account management features such as multiple currency support. The solution also provides clearing and settlement features including both single and dual message clearing and ATM transaction settlement.

    Support for Major ATM Manufacturers

    SmartATM interfaces with ATMs from all leading manufacturers including Diebold, NCR, and Wincor BanqIT, ATM interfaces such as NDC, DDC, ISO8583, and communication protocols including TCP/IP and X25.

    Advanced Monitoring

    SmartATM’s sophisticated monitoring capabilities provide a real-time picture of all network ATMs and their operation, such as cash volumes to help take preemptive action as needed to maintain machine operation.

    Flexible Configuration and Dynamic Screen Display

    SmartATM provides flexible ATM configuration features and a graphic editor with preconfigured screens to easily create ATM scenarios.

    ATM Network Management

    Comprehensive network management features monitor connectivity problems to minimize downtime. SmartATM displays collected data to deliver valuable insights—such as an ATM that requires replenishment or technical difficulties with a card reader or cash dispenser, for example. SmartATM can also issue immediate alerts, including SMS, when problems are detected.

    Key Loading

    SmartATM supports online ATM key management features including encrypted data transmission, key generation, loading, usage, storage, and termination.

    Cash Features

    SmartATM includes a sophisticated cash management function that allows you to minimize cash in the ATM while optimizing service levels.

    Transaction Features

    SmartATM allows ATM users to receive cash, perform transactions between bank accounts, transfer funds, or it can be set to allow access for multiple account holders.

    Media Support

    SmartATM’s MediaExtension provides real-time, online, audio visual customer support through the ATM. MediaExtension delivers fully interactive services through any ATM—transforming the terminal into a “mini-branch” with the use of modern technologies such as Flash media.

    Built-in Dispute Manager

    A built-in acquiring dispute manager includes built-in workflow for chargebacks and dispute transactions processing. SmartATM supports investigation of questionable transactions to speed problem resolution.

    Multilingual User Interface

    SmartATM supports a multilingual user interface and can display up to four languages at a time to encourage communication with ATM users.

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