End-to-End Payment Software

As the payments market continues to evolve rapidly, with new technologies, payment methods, competitors and regulations, the pressures on organizations increase. Market leaders are focusing on innovation, leveraging the benefits the latest technologies bring to streamline operations, reduce costs and eliminate risks.

SmartVista covers every aspect of electronic payments – high performance authorization switching and routing, full ATM and POS management, comprehensive card management, advanced fraud prevention, loyalty program management, card personalization and production, billing and merchant management and integrated internet and mobile banking.

Visionary design & comprehensive functionality

SmartVista was designed to ensure that our customers could take advantage of changes in the payments market faster than they competitors. The entire solution is geared around achieving this – for example, all product attributes have been broken down so that end users can rapidly assemble their own products by simply combining the attributes they want in the way they want them. So if they have a million card holders, they can have a million different products, and most importantly they can do it in a cost effective and easy to manage way.

SmartVista’s broad range of capabilities effectively support and manage payments across all channels, including POS, branch, Internet, and mobile applications. From simple credit and debit cards to sophisticated loyalty programs and multi application smart cards, SmartVista supports all aspects of card management. In addition, SmartVista has been certified by the world’s leading payment brands, including American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, and Visa including certification for EMV issuing and acquiring. SmartVista also detects and prevents fraud to improve your bottom line. Whether you are a card issuer, an acquirer or a bank requiring broad-based e-payment functionality, SmartVista delivers a full suite of software to transform the way your organization manages electronic payments.

SmartVista supports a wide range of platforms and has been

certified by industry leaders, including:

SmartVista is Converged Infrastructure Ready.
Learn more about HP Converged Infrastructure
SmartVista is ready for IBM PureSystems.
Learn more about IBM PureSystems
SmartVista is Oracle Exadata Ready.
Learn more about Oracle Exadata


Comprehensive Payment Solution

By relying on SmartVista as a single provider for all card functionality, you avoid the integration issues that occur when adding disparate applications. Unlike vanilla offerings, SmartVista’s flexible, modern architecture is optimized for specific payments functions and business areas, reducing the need for customization. Also, because SmartVista modules can be added incrementally, you avoid the costs of installing and operating new software, significantly reducing TCO and operating costs.

Capture Market Opportunity

Introduce a new payment product in a few hours or set up a new merchant in minutes. Unlike legacy solutions that require months of design, SmartVista’s flexible, menu-driven product development approach helps you capture market opportunity as it happens. With SmartVista, you can create as many new payment products as your imagination allows.

Scalable to Manage Growth

Issue one card or one million; install one ATM or 50,000 POS terminals—SmartVista will scale. SmartVista handles unlimited card volumes and unlike competitors, the solution suite can meet the needs of any size bank. As your card volumes grow, SmartVista scales too, eliminating the need to redesign infrastructure or install new applications.


SmartVista employs a three-tier architecture structure with the latest strategies to cover every aspect of information security—from data encryption in communication links to front-end, pervasive, role-based, user access control that can be configured down to individual users and customer records. As a certified international payment systems provider, BPC meets PCI DSS requirements and employs 3D-Secure algorithms and highly effective fraud prevention systems.

Commitment to Quality

SmartVista solutions are continually enhanced to keep current with the latest standards, regulations, and business practices. All development and project-related activities have been certified to conform to the ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard.

Low-risk Migration

SmartVista provides a proven, low risk migration path from inflexible legacy payment software . As financial markets constantly adapt and change, SmartVista delivers the scalability needed to seamlessly manage growth in any environment.

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