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Banking Solutions for Asia-Pacific

From Cambodia to the Philippines, Papua New Guinea to New Zealand and Bangladesh to Singapore, BPC addresses real life needs with smart digital solutions, helping financial institutions and governments provide wider access to finance and digital services.

Asia Pacific

Localising ecosystems to meet real life’s needs in Asia Pacific

The APAC region is highly fragmented with different levels of banking adoption and payment preferences presenting unique challenges but also considerable opportunities in countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia where banking penetration is particularly low. At the other end of the scale, China is experiencing an e-commerce boom and Singapore offers its citizens services beyond finance across their entire smart city.
Serving 50 financial institutions, fintechs and governments in APAC alone, BPC has enriched its SmartVista suite to respond to growing demand for a digital lifestyle in areas such as banking, payments, financial inclusion and smart city services.


Solutions for Asia Pacific

Digital Banking

With a growing middle class, rising e-commerce volumes and the need for access to finance anytime anywhere, demand for digital financial services is rising rapidly across APAC. However, the answer does not lie in card-based solutions, which suffer from a lack of trust and high costs across South East Asia in particular. Here, consumers have turned to a combination of e-wallet and alternative payment methods which are the foundation of any new financial institution.

BPC collaborates with large tier one banks, neobanks, fintechs and smaller micro finance institutions to place digital at the core of their strategy, the way customers want it. BPC designed SmartVista Digital Banking as a modular ‘bank in a box’ to help customers deploy a real bank on a mobile, localised to customers in APAC.



Digital payments volumes are set to rise significantly across APAC. Financial institutions no longer compete with traditional peers on price or products - they compete on experience, speed and ease of use with fintechs such as Alipay and WeChat Pay and ‘super apps’ including Grab and Go-Jek.

Within this highly fragmented market increasingly influenced by new entrants, there is a need for a pan-Asian unified platform helping institutions to both scale locally and go beyond borders. SmartVista provides a one-stop platform for all payment rails (local, regional and global). It includes payment switching, card issuing, payment acceptance, payment processing and fraud prevention services to ensure banks, PSPs and merchants can provide a comprehensive offer to their clients leveraging BPC’s 25 years of payments expertise.


Financial Inclusion

IMF data suggests that close to half of the adult population of APAC does not have a bank account and fewer than 10% have borrowed from formal financial institutions. Although APAC has made significant progress towards financial inclusion, national and regional disparities are among the highest in the world and the gaps between rural and urban, men and women, and rich and poor remain wide.

Having a place in society means being able to opt into economic life, starting with an identity and access to money – either earned or credit and the ability to transaction with others. Technology may not recognise boundaries, but for many people being included in society depends on their geographic location, culture, education and traditions. At BPC we strive to layer borderless technologies across these aspects of real life.

With agency banking we reach and empower remote economic enterprises in rural environments, and with mobile payments we reach economies that have bypassed traditional transaction banking. We also work with local and national authorities to combine all aspects of real life needs into a digital marketplace, from identity to payments and social services to transport.
We are setting the pace in fintech and our objective is to connect every citizen..



The APAC region is home to half of the world’s population and 60% of the its megacities (cities with a population > 10 million). While UBS predicts that APAC will account for 40% of the global addressable market growth for smart city projects ($800bn ) by 2025, the need to enable smarter cities is obvious and underpinned by greater mobile penetration and technological innovation.

Supporting this exploding urban demand requires proximity between digital services and users. Allowing people to move around and live their lives without friction is essential and the importance of payments for public transport, parking, toll gates and city attractions means financial institutions, private operators and governments all have a role to play.

At BPC we believe in the value of ecosystems and have designed our smart city and fare collection solution to bring together all ecosystem stakeholders in more than 100 cities worldwide to provide real-time micro-payments to replace cash-purchased, paper based tickets.

Asia Pacific

Case Studies


CPBank required a system flexible enough to support different areas of business and support its growth. It wanted to improve its ATM functionality to match improvements in its card management capabilities.

BPC has introduced new switching capabilities, and a card management system with card generation and issuing options, as well as expanding the bank’s portfolio of cards issued.

Download CPBank case study


Learn how NEPS set the standard for card payments in the region by delivering a single payments infrastructure using SmartVista.

Download the NEPS case study

Hattha Kaksekar

Learn how, at the leading edge of microfinance, Hattha Kaksekar has been able to grow its products across ATM, POS and mobile devices using SmartVista.

Download the Hattha Kaksekar case study

Bank Sinarmas

Bank Sinarmas was looking for a digital uplift to move away from legacy technologies at times when the central bank enforced the introduction of chip-based cards and payment devices, which legacy systems cannot handle.

BPC has introduced its SmartVista suite for a big bang deployment approach, marking a major shift in technology and customer experience.

Download Bank Sinarmas case-study



TONIK to launch the first digital-only bank in the Philippines – and it’s powered by BPC.

The Philippines is about to welcome its first digital-only bank. TONIK Digital Bank Inc, founded in 2018, received its banking license from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Philippines’ Central Bank) in January 2020. Preparing for its launch, TONIK has selected BPC as its exclusive payment partner, leveraging BPC’s payments processing centre and its SmartVista solution.

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