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Up Sí Vale selects BPC to optimise its digital payment solutions

Nadia Benaissa May 5, 2022 8:28:40 AM

Up Sí Vale, a prepaid card issuer serving more than 4 million customers throughout Mexico, has selected BPC as its strategic partner to drive its growth and digital transformation.

Up Sí Vale offers a range of prepaid "all-in-one" services consisting of vouchers, mobile applications, and web platforms, which enable daily customer activities including pantry, food purchases, fuel payments, services, and travel expenses. It belongs to the Up Group, a cooperative based in the European Union, which operates in 22 countries and serves more than 25 million customers around the world.

Following the launch of a new digital transformation program, which aims to encourage the development of Up Sí Vale and bring more efficiency to its payments business, BPC has been chosen to support the company. BPC will enable state-of-the-art payment services including the ability to tip. It will also route transactions through the SmartVista Switch and enable fraud prevention solutions provided by the SmartVista suite.

BPC was chosen after an exhaustive study of proposals. BPC stood out for many reasons, namely, its deep understanding of the functional and regulatory needs of the market, the sheer ability and flexibility of its products, as well as on-site support for successful implementation.
In a world where customers expect seamless experiences, BPC offers Up Sí Vale the ability to interact with its companies and clients in a more instantaneous way.

"Up Sí Vale will gain increased freedom and speed with the total control and orchestration capacity for establishing rate rules and authorisation processes, based on the specific rights of merchants," says Santiago Egas, Vice President Executive of BPC. "With SmartVista, Sí Vale has the leading solutions in the market that will help them gain speed, innovation, and maximum protection. We are proud to support Up Sí Vale in carrying out its ambitious program.”

Gerardo Yepez, CEO of Up Sí Vale, comments: "Our strategy for the next 3 to 5 years is based on a solid investment in the best technology, which is essential to fulfilling our ambitions. We want to position ourselves as the leader in prepaid solutions and services throughout Mexico. Choosing the right partner was an integral part of our strategy. The selection of BPC came down to its vast experience in the payments world alongside its strong presence and knowledge of the Mexican market.”