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Driving Colombia’s payment innovation

Case study CredibanCo


CredibanCo connects more than 190,000 merchants, 230,000 POS devices from 20 financial institutions, businesses retailers and the government to reduce cash use and promote digital enablement
across four core pillars - network coverage; efficiency; high quality service; and innovation.

The Colombian company has positioned itself as the leading acquirer facilitating financial inclusion and business growth. It offers 100% digital solutions for low value payments, promoting the acceptance of both traditional and non-traditional means of payment.

In their mission CredibanCo faced challenges such as:

  • Lack of trust
  • Siloed legacy systems
  • Lack of availability and support
  • Multiple payment networks

Read how BPC’s SmartVista ecommerce suite helps unify the end-to-end online shopping experience and to deliver CredibanCo's payment innovation agenda.

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