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Celent 2020 Report on rethinking the role of QR codes in payments


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The role of QR codes in payments

QR codes have now started to look resilient as they have made a comeback due to their speedy and seamless process. In many developing markets they dominate mobile payments. Even in the developed markets, there seems to be a growing number of options to pay and interact with merchants and service providers via QR codes. As consumers seek truly contact-free payment and shopping experiences in the post-pandemic world, can QR codes provide the answer?

This Celent report will give a wide overview on:

  • How QR codes came to dominate retail payments in the fast-growing markets (e.g., China, India).
  • QR code adoption in the developed markets (e.g., USA, UK, Europe).
  • Opportunities for banks, technology providers, and other payments companies.

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