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September 23th - September 26th, 2019

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BPC is one of the world’s leading partners supplying banks, processors, merchants and other ecosystem players with the right technology to create relevant services for their customers.

We do this across the world: from Mexico to Cambodia and from London to Mumbasa. In urban and rural areas.

At Sibos, from September 23th untill September 26th in London, we will show you how our ecosystem approach works in practice and how we bridge real life to digital.

Experience for yourself how our solutions work in different ecosystems and schedule a meeting below:

Sibos London banking digital


With agent banking we reach and empower remote economic units in rural environments, with mobile payments we reach economies that have leapfrogged traditional transaction banking. On top of that, we work with local and national authorities to combine all aspects of real-life needs into a digital marketplace, from identity to payments, to social services and transport.


As the world heads decisively in a digital direction, eCommerce grows in parallel. Although the eCommerce market share in retail is still ‘only’ 12% globally in 2018, the strategic direction is clear. This trend of grabbing market share from ‘bricks and mortar’ will be amplified by new technologies that are being adapted around the world. An omni device and offline experience is very possible now, with people getting a real-life experience in store, with deliveries arriving at their doorstep even before they get home.

Sibos London commerce payment digital
Sibos London bridging worlds payments


Mobility, like technology, has grown beyond all imaginable growth trajectories over the past twenty years. Smart infrastructure and in particular smart public transportation infrastructure is the way to go. Ride sharing, either using public transport or private vehicles or a combination, to make an end-to-end journey is at the top of national and local public agendas.


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