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Permit Management & Digital Ticketing System

Digitalising government-granted entitlements


Digital permit and e-ticketing

Governments are in the midst of a historic transformation driven by the need to connect digitally with citizens. This transformation has accelerated in 2020 with the need to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Offering smart government solutions opens the door to transparent and secure connectivity with citizens. Governments can no longer rely on paper-based and time-consuming processes for handling government-granted entitlements such as permits, tickets, licenses, and vouchers. Today, digital solutions are available.

With bpcbillet, governments benefit from a digital ticketing and permit management platform which fully automates the process of issuing tickets and permits. Using desktop or smartphone applications, citizens can manage their requirements for travel, movement and work permits at the touch of a button.


Features of Digital Permit Management


Special Covid-19 Permit

Bpcbillet offers a smart digital permit management solution which helps governments and health organisations provide fully automated disbursement of all permits and certificates, online or via mobile, with bespoke rules that can be adapted to any forthcoming changes in directives.


Highly Secure

Permits and certificates generated from bpcbillet are fully secure. The solution enables encrypted digital signature and the generation of a QR Code and a one-time reference key for each permit makes it easy for government representatives to verify its authenticity.


Fast Implementation

bpcbillet is a cloud-based platform that caters to all users, governments, controllers and citizens. It can be installed quickly providing services to citizens in a matter of days. The white-label platform allows for the support of multiple institutions and branding. Rules can be configured without any technical skills or dependency on a vendor.


Case studies

Digital and Contactless Bus Tickets in Kazakhstan

In line with the Covid-19 precautionary measures, BPC has equipped multiple municipalities with its bpcbillet platform. In Kazakhstan, those municipalities not on full lockdown are using bpcbillet to digitalise bus tickets. Citizens get a personalised experience which reflects entitlements to subsidies and can use the contactless app to pay for public transport. removing the need to handle cash.

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