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The anatomy of the new fraudster

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A look into the different types of fraud financial institutions need to prevent

Global trends such as the rise of e-commerce accentuated by the global health crises and the acceleration of the adoption of alternative payment methods, bank apps, contactless NFC, haven’t gone unnoticed among fraudsters and cybercriminals. 

The global payments market is expected to lose up to $200B due to fraud over the next 5 years.  In December 2020, the global Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) published a Survey “Fraud in the Wake of COVID-19” in which 79% of the responding fraud experts said that they had seen a significant increase in fraud reports. Half of the survey respondents admitted that detecting, investigating and preventing fraud has become more difficult.

Our guide: The anatomy of the new fraudster is an exploration of:

- Fraud targets
- Fraudsters’ modus operandi
- Who is the fraudster
- Security, detection and prevention 

The guide gives you insights into the different types of fraud and offers solutions on how to prevent them. Download your free copy now. 

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