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Time for next generation real time payments

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Time for next generation real time payments

Payment system providers have progressively faced demands from end users for a simpler, hassle-free payment experience and the ability to send and receive funds immediately. 

These demands result in the need for a more affordable real-time instant payment system that offers a relevant and varied set of use cases. The Covid-19 pandemic has further increased interest in real-time payments as governments, financial institutions, businesses and consumers demand access to funds on the spot. 

Our guide Time for next generation real time payments outlines the prerequisites for a modern national real-time payment system with essential insights and key learnings to better understand how real-time payments works.  

It also acts as a guide for both central banks and participants to think through their roadmap for next generation real-time payment infrastructure. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from the best and most recent use cases and to understand what end users want and download the free guide.

You’ll ensure a future proof model in the rapidly evolving world of payments.

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