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Working at BPC

Smart developers, engineers, analysts, advisors? BPC wants you!

Smart does IT at BPC

BPC Banking Technologies creates payments solutions that inspire change and progress for businesses and people everywhere. Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Switzerland, we are an independent company and a global leader in our field.

Our customers include tier 1 banks, and both midsize and smaller companies.

We are well known for our long-term commitment to customers and their success and believe this is where we offer real difference.

We are the architect and developer of the market-leading SmartVista platform, which handles all aspects of ATM management, billing, mobile and contactless payments, settlement, point of sale, card issuing and acquiring, microfinance and electronic payments processing.

Global expertise, local knowledge

With more than 350+ clients which include leading financial institutions in over 100+ countries, and several of the world’s largest banks. To provide long-term support and partnership for our customers, we have developed a global network of offices, all with local language support.

We make sure it works. Whether it’s an ATM cash withdrawal in Madrid, using contactless to pay for fuel in Baku, sending money across Africa, topping up your mobile in Panama City, buying online in Ho Chi Minh City or paying for your breakfast in Cairo, we make sure it works.

Joining BPC

We offer job opportunities, you build a career! BPC is about entrepreneurship, bringing your ideas to life, solving real-life problems, across the five continents. With 20+ offices worldwide and customers in over 100 countries, you will become a globetrotter of banking, commerce and mobility, designers of what the future of finance could be.

BPC offers local benefits with diverse international experience, working with the smartest colleagues in their own fields be it fraud prevention, digital bank creation, e-commerce or smart cities.

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