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With the rise of mobile adoption and e-commerce activities within the CIS region, there is no better time to deliver new experiences when it comes to payments and ecosystem banking. BPC has a strong heritage in the CIS, having served customers in the region for more than two decades.


Driving financial innovation across the CIS region

Financial institutions in the CIS have finally emerged from a challenging decade. Changing consumer behaviors, the emergence of the affluent segment and the digitalisation that is taking place in everyday life and business activities are all accelerating the pace of innovation in payment and banking.

BPC has worked closely with financial institutions and governments during this challenging period and understands that being agile is essential for success in our industry. For these reasons, the SmartVista suite has evolved to meet changing consumer demands with smart technology advancements.

Solutions for the CIS

Digital Banking

Approximately one-third of all retail banking revenues in the coming 3 to 5 years will be derived from affluent, young, educated and increasingly urban customers. To capture this potential revenue, financial institutions need to accelerate their digital transformation and launch differentiated offerings. We no longer think in terms of channels but rather experience financial services through value-added ecosystems.

BPC has designed its Digital Banking suite with customers in mind, leveraging mobile-first experiences and open banking to extend services beyond finance, such as insurance, ecommerce or business services. The SmartVista suite has proven its effectiveness in the region with financial institutions co-innovating with BPC.



E-commerce and online payments in the CIS are expanding rapidly, with double-digit growth recorded in 2019. While cards are still the most popular method of payment in countries such as Russia, shoppers are increasingly turning to alternative payment methods such as bank transfer and digital wallet and even cash on delivery. It is clear that shoppers want choice and growing concerns of cyber threats mean cards are no longer the obvious choice.

Open banking and PSD2 are changing the landscape, driving new methods of payment and leveraging alternative fintech options. BPC has a leading position in the payment industry in Eastern Europe and the CIS with over 80% of ecommerce flows handled by the SmartVista platform. For financial institutions, acquirers, issuers and merchants who want a robust and scalable platform, BPC’s SmartVista is the answer.



Urbanization across the CIS is happening at an incredible rate. More and more citizens are seeking employment and a better quality life in urban areas. This trend presents challenges for government agencies in handling this rural exodus while delivering infrastructure, a clean environment, and convenient services for these citizens.

BPC has worked alongside governments, financial institutions and public and private transport operators to facilitate the payment of city services including bus, metro, toll gates and parking. BPCbillet is the fare collection platform that powers more than 100 cities worldwide from Moscow to to Bogota with an average of two million passengers using the system every day.


Case Studies


Learn how the combination of Alfa-Bank’s in-depth fraud expertise and SmartGuard’s capabilities has been highly effective, driving down fraud rates and preventing up to US$1 million per week in losses.

Download the Alfa-Bank case study


Learn how Sberbank and BPC have built a successful partnership that has endured for over 19 years. The two organisations liaise closely to keep Sberbank at the forefront of innovation and to keep its business secure.

Download the Sberbank case study

Finance Now

Learn how Finance Now is able to offer its consumers sophisticated loyalty programmes while at the same time, enhancing the company’s ability to roll out new payment and loyalty services to their clients.

Download Finance Now case study



Ecosystems: Welcome to the ‘Era of the Many’: how ecosystems are powering the payments industry.

The days of tactical solutions that fulfill a single purpose, where payments existed in isolation are gone, they simply don’t meet today’s customer expectations. Financial service providers’ ability to create ecosystems which bring together a range of relevant players has become a crucial factor for future success.

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