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April 3, 2023

New report by BPC and Fincog offers insights on Digital Banking in Europe

London, April 2023: BPC and strategy consultancy Fincog today announced the launch of a new report highlighting the current state of the digital banking market in Europe, providing insights into key trends shaping the market and business models and strategies that banks are adopting to succeed in a rapidly changing landscape. 

It examines the key success factors and opportunities for banks to differentiate and position themselves in an increasingly crowded market. The research is based on a comprehensive analysis of the European banking industry, including data on market size, digital banking leaders, and consumer behavior – and is informed by various experts on the European banking market. 

“We’re thrilled to share the insights of this valuable research, which highlights how Europe’s current digital banking landscape is undergoing tremendous changes,” said Oleg Patsiansky, Head of Digital Banking at BPC. “With challenge comes opportunity, and the capabilities and technologies available today provide banks and fintech with a range of ways to support customers and economies in weathering the storm of a nearing recession.” 

The report explores how in the context of an ongoing cost-of-living crisis and global macroeconomic shocks, banks and newcomers must leverage world-class user experiences for increasingly concerned consumers. Furthermore, Banking-as-a-Service providers offer digital banks the opportunity to develop and expand their portfolio of products and services in a more cost and time-effective manner than ever before. 

Additionally, it argues that exploring new customer segments might be well worthwhile. Small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as micro-enterprises in Europe, are one of those customer segments that, in an economic downturn, present a tangible business opportunity to the banking sector.

Jeroen de Bel, Founder of Fincog, added “We are delighted to provide this comprehensive analysis of the current state of the digital banking market in Europe. Our research offers valuable insights into the innovative strategies that banks are implementing to succeed in an ever-evolving landscape. As we navigate through challenging times, it is imperative to leverage cutting-edge technologies to offer world-class user experiences and solutions that address consumers' evolving needs.”

BPC has built a strong reputation for understanding and mastering local banking and payment context and behavior. With 350 customers across 100 countries globally, BPC has collaborated with all ecosystem players ranging from tier-one banks to neobanks, Payment Service Providers (PSPs) to large processors, e-commerce giants to start-up merchants, and government bodies to local hail riding companies, contributing to better financial inclusion using next-generation technology. 


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