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Bridging Real Life to Digital
through smart solutions

Enabling real life transactions

BPC is often referred to as the ‘globetrotter in fintech’, a badge we wear with pride.

With a footprint spanning 120 countries we enable real life transactions with our banking - payments - commerce platform. Nothing prides our 1200 staff more than seeing the impact our clients bring in their region around the daily lives of consumers, citizens and businesses. Headquartered in Switzerland, we serve customers across Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa as well as Asia.

Central banks, commercial (neo)banks, issuers, acquirers, PSPs, transport operators and governments rely on our SmartVista Platform to connect the dots and turn payments and data assets into full end to end transactions. We ensure people pay, get paid, lend, loan, plan, buy, transit, travel, claim a pension and more. We enable people to transact through life by bridging real life to digital.

We build, we connect, we transact

During these last decades of massive change in finance we built up a footprint in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, the Americas and Europe. Building new payment infrastructures, transforming, and connecting existing platforms and schemes. Extending payments and banking into the ecosystem play of digital commerce, eGovernment and mobility.

Our technology is at its very core a transaction hub of data. Our solutions turn this hub into a payments platform, a banking platform, an eCommerce - eGovernment or Mobility platform. Working off one common core means all our expertise around technology and architecture serves the entire user base. Think of our flexible architecture of microbusiness services, our APIs, our developer portal, network and platform security, which are all centrally controlled.

The business solutions around banking, payments, commerce, government and mobility stay up to date around the same principle: one time excellence for multiple deployment. Fraud prevention, compliance and security are wrapped around each layer. Contextual UX ensure that the solution is right targeted to the business and device.

We build, we connect, we transact.


Bridging real life to digital is the driving force behind everything we do. We do not believe in digitising because ‘this is where the world goes’. Digital is the fuel that empowers real life. The life of consumers working, investing in a better future for their children, in saving for a home, in saving time whilst they transit to work. The life of businesses who need to get paid quickly, who need access to capital, who quickly need to launch their eCommerce sites. For fintech companies that want to quickly enhance their reach and need a white label platform to manage their payments locally, globally.

Real life differs from Nigeria to the Netherlands, from Mexico City to Taiwan, from Dubai to Zagreb to Singapore. The needs are very similar: enhance my real life.

This is why we turn our purpose into a promise to you: we bridge real life to digital - in context, culture, time and place.


In a complex and unpredictable world we know one thing for sure. One technology platform works, but not in the same way for everyone. With 450 customers in 120 countries at various stages of development we have learned one thing: you decide. Our technology works in any type of deployment. 30 million transactions run on a daily basis through our stack.

We run On-premise for those wishing total control and ownership with the benefits of an industry wide proven solution. Deployed in the Cloud, in order not to have a future fit guarantee without having to ‘run the stack’, but orchestrating your own solutions. As-a-service if you want to just offer your customer banking and payments services without having to deal with any technology issues at all. Connect and launch and pay as you go. And any flavour in between.

Flexibility in a robust and tested environment is the only way forward in an environment where some want to go fast across the board, others want to go deep into their niche and others manage complexity in a universal bank.

Our tech: your stack choice


Corner to corner to every last mile. We do not say this lightly, check out our 450 customers in 120 countries. Cultural empathy is the one essential ingredient for all our colleagues. It’s never the tech, but the deployment and cultural sensitivity which decides the success of a digital transformation project or the launch of a new bank, transport system or payments app.

Global going local, getting the regional vibe.

Join our team

Are you a self-starter, a solution thinker? Interested in cultures around the world, in digital technologies that impact our lives? Do you have roots in technology and finance, a practical skill and mindset? The curiosity to always aim higher and simply complex issues? We are your team, contact us…