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Mobility and Automated Fare Collection

Tap, Swipe, Scan....Paying on the move for all city attractions. 


Redefining the mobility journey

The increase in digitalization drives demand for speed, seamlessness and comfort. Getting from point A to point B across the city optimally and without friction was a basic need for commuters. And it does not apply only to public transport users, citizen demand a frictionless experience when using their personal cards, corporate and trade transports, city attractions and even supermarkets.

According to Timex survey people in the USA spend on average 20 minutes daily for a bus or train or 5 days a year in public transport. And it is only one of the challenges commuter, business or government are facing while working towards accessible environment.

Have you ever thought that a journey could become safer, more comfortable for your customers? Or that you can serve less profitable routes and still increase your revenue? What if there is an opportunity to forget about counting cash and collect tolls and fares electronically?

O-CITY do just that. With O-CITY automated fare collection the new opportunity for automating fare collection becomes possible: controlling your routes, managing tariffs included special discounts, making public transport more accessible and attractive for end-users.



Automated Fare Collection

Mobility is one of the key success factors for economic growth and therefore, it is increasingly becoming an issue that governments and public transportation companies need to address.

Automated Fare Collection offers greater levels of transparency, not only for ticket prices but it also significantly reduces the levels of abuse and theft. Being an open-loop technology it accepts any type of payment devices and process payments for transport fares centrally on the cloud servers rather than manually in cash.

BPC Mobility - Automated Fare Collection

Fleet & Fuel

The fuel retail industry is an industry in transformation – while the headline figures around the demand for fuel imply growth, a number of trends are conspiring to make the market extremely challenging for existing participants.

BPC's Fleet & Fuel provides fuel retailers all the functionality needed to design, run and manage advanced fuel / fleet card programs.

BPC Mobility Solutions-Fleet-Fuel


Mobile wallets can be used for so much more than paying friends or family through P2P payments or buying goods at a merchant, they are a secure, convenient platform for all payment needs.

BPC’s SmartVista eWallet supports the entire spectrum of electronic payments, which is also applicable to Smart city environment. Allowing different types of payment devices to be used across the city, connected to a single e-wallet. Making customers feel safer and allow to top-up their wallets anywhere anytime on their journey.



At BPC we see that in transport and ticketing one hardly ever starts from scratch, however often the start includes challenges of integration with legacy architecture and systems. The transition and onboarding steps are the most important for the commuters. As the customer needs to be encouraged to use new technology, as well as be introduced seamlessly and friendly to the new developments.

Transition to a New, often includes a level of expertise from integrators and extreme compatibility from the solution to match the legacy one. Otherwise the multi-channel commuter experience might end up discontinuous, uncomfortable, with desire to switch back.

Mobility & data

With years of experience behind, we can tell that data management is one of the most important and powerful tools at your disposal when it comes to public transport, intercity transition and mobility. Data keeps the precious stones for your business, like target audiences for optimal tariffication, optimal A to B routes for daily users, understanding the needs of commuters and serving them best on the line products and services.

The new reality in mobility

At BPC we see the fast-changing environment around cities and their dwellers. The idea of buying, distributing, processing a ticket has started to redefine, moving from early adopters, which became so called light-house cities to followers. If the follower moves are not quick enough due to lack of technology or expertise, they risk to lag a lot behind competitors be it on the business or city level.

Ready yourself for redefining commuter experience yourself. Build your smart environment now.


Smart City Survey


An insight into the problems that smart cities solve for their citizens.

Smart cities are by their very nature built around smart ecosystems: networks of industry players and stakeholders who work together to define and build solutions around real life problems.

The players each contribute their share of the solution either through technology or reach among the stakeholder community. The combined value of the ecosystem, expressed in revenue, cost saving, efficiency or quality of life, is larger than the sum of the players combined.



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