smart does IT

In a world where complexity is only matched by uncertainty, where technology innovation cannot be measured in impact or speed, one thing is clear. It is not the biggest of the past, the fashion icon of today or the lowest cost supplier who thrives. Smart is a mix of intelligence, experience and savviness, knowing how the world works in real life terms. That is what we are about at BPC – from all corners of the world we apply one strategy: Smart does IT.


Bridging real life to digital

Banking, Payments: Context – this is what and who we are about at BPC. Supplying banks, processors, merchants and other eco system players with the right technology to create relevant services for their customers.

Real life needs of people who make payments or do business transactions converge into digital services. Is it a card payment, debit or mobile? It no longer matters for the customer; they want it fast, easy and secure and most importantly fitting in the context of their business or daily life.

These ‘one touch’ services are supported by a lot of smart tech – BPC tech. Twenty years of experience and as true globetrotters in fintech, we support 200+ clients in 73 countries. We take the complexity out of the process, link up eco system partners, build, test and deploy for and with you.

Smart does IT.



Digital has moved from becoming a frictionless intangible way of doing business almost into a mantra. We at BPC are more down to earth. We see digital as a means to wrap security and convenience around our real lives in business and private, offering a seamless experience in line with behaviours, customs and cultural backgrounds.

The starting point is always to rethink and re-ink existing processes, not simply automating them. Enriching digital technologies with AI, location intelligence and machine learning, we turn transactions into relevant – and often eco system networked – experiences.


Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion is about much more than financial access and cuts at two ends at the same time. Banks and financial services organisations need to serve this target group, in a very different manner than they have done before. Going from product push to easy, low cost and secure access to relevant banking services.


Mobility & Transport

The unprecedented growth in mobility puts pressure on both the physical transport system as well as the underlying mobility management systems such as ticketing & payments. Ease of use, a seamless experience, connected data networks, secure delivery and proof, identity checks, fraud prevention and more make up the interesting mix of ingredients for the BPC Mobility & Transport market offering.



eCommerce has despite its dent in physical sales still a long way to go, with an average marketshare of around 12% of all retail expenditure. The winning game is all about offering an omni device and offline experience aligned to getting a real life experience in store. Or it might mean the the most amazing 100% digital experience. AI will give unprecedented insight in not only payment and shopping habits but also to prevent fraud.

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