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January 19, 2023

BPC recognised as luminary leader for global digital banking solution

January 19th 2022 | London: Global payments technology company BPC  has been named as one of the world’s leading digital banking providers in a recent report by Celent, a top international financial research and consulting firm.  

Aimed at helping financial institutions formulate comprehensive business and technology strategies, the publication, titled ‘Retail Digital Banking Platforms: International Edition’, sheds light on trends in digital banking, including the race to cloud adoption, a single platform approach, end to end customer lifecycles, open ecosystems and marketplaces, embedded AI and customer engagement. 

After a comprehensive review and analysis involving 13 vendors, BPC’s SmartVista Digital Banking was singled out by Celent for its proven, world class technology and functional capabilities as well as client reviews. 

Used by hundreds of companies around the world, SmartVista Digital Banking is a solution for retail, SME and merchants that includes a unique multirole feature. 

Oleg Patisansky, Head of Digital Banking at BPC commented: ‘We are thrilled to have been recognised by Celent for our banking solution. Celent is a world top’s leading research firms, therefore it is an honour to be named in their report and is a further testimony to the quality of our technology and our commitment to client services and innovation.’ He pursued to strengthen how BPC differentiates in the digital banking scene ‘While the pandemic is driving the rise in consumer digital adoption and the creation of MSME, BPC anticipated the need for an app that could serve the client on his personal and business account by switching profile rather than switching apps or banks. Furthermore, with the economic environment changing at a faster pace than ever, we foresee new needs for both consumers and businesses to take more control over their finances but also do much more in support of their lifestyle, their wealth and their business growth. We believe that an account and a card are no longer sufficient, super apps and digital ecosystems are the way forward’.

Bob Meara, Principal Analyst, Celent, said, “Banks that are looking to capture and retain their customer base must ensure that they can offer services that clients expect in a burgeoning, mobile first, digital economy. BPC’s solution has a proven track record for delivering exceptional technology and customer support to banks during their digital transformation and has earned its place as one of the world’s luminary vendors in our report.”​​

BPC has been at the forefront of the digital revolution for over 25 years, serving over 350 financial institutions in over 100 countries with state-of-the-art banking and payment solutions.



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