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April 7, 2022

KienLongBank signs a strategic cooperation agreement with BPC to digitally transform its bank card system

On Apr 04, 2022, a Strategic Partnership Signing Ceremony took place in Hanoi between Kien Long Commercial Joint-Stock Bank (KienLongBank) and BPC – the world’s leading provider of payment solutions.

The ceremony marked the digital transformation of KienLongBank's card system and a turning point for KienLongBank, which is racing to become a modern and comprehensive digital bank for Vietnam’s population.

In order to keep pace with the digital transformation of Vietnam’s economy , KienLongBank has implemented a comprehensive innovation strategy to create a sustainable digital banking model that will improve the quality of banking services, increase utilities, and offer a "perfectly personalized" experience for customers.

This will be achieved by digitally transforming the bank's card system, through its strategic partnership with BPC. Under the cooperation agreement, BPC will provide KienLongBank with the SmartVista suite - a set of payment solutions with modern, innovative and completely secure architecture, authenticated by PA-DSS, and functional diversity.

SmartVista is a payment platform that provides functionalities of high-performance authorization routing and switching, ATM and POS management, comprehensive card management, and advanced fraud detection and prevention. It also offers flexible payment and merchant management features through e-banking services as well as support for e-wallets. It is a fully supported solution for cards: credit cards, debit cards, contactless cards, instant issuance cards, virtual cards, loyalty cards and more.

The “KienLongBank’s Card System Modernization" strategy will enable the bank to leverage BPC’s advanced technology, ensuring standards of card data security and safety such as the PCI-DSS of international card organizations Visa and Mastercard. KienLongBank expects the implementation of this project to achieve important goals such as: modernizing the business software system to overcome the limitations of the old card system, connecting with domestic and international payment institutions and gaining the ability to manage and control work processes and information to ensure safety and confidentiality.

The card system will be integrated with other banking systems such as Internet banking, mobile banking and core banking and will offer optimal support for the development of card products, connection channels and payment intermediaries. With a modern and flexible architecture that boasts high parameterization capabilities, the new system will also be key to enhancing KienLongBank's business and management processes, reducing warranty and maintenance costs, and making it easy to customize services to meet the unique needs of all customers.

Representative of Kien Long Commercial Joint Stock Bank said: “To realize the goal of becoming a modern and friendly digital bank, KienLongBank is focused on implementing programs that will provide real added value for customers. The signing of a cooperation agreement with BPC is an important milestone in our efforts to digitally enhance our services. KienLongBank's Board of Directors have set high expectations for the project and expect the implementation of BPC technology to radically change the bank's card operations, increase the diversity of products, modernize service channels and contribute to promoting non-cash payments in Vietnam.”

Commenting on the partnership, Minh-Ha Truong, Regional Director at BPC said: “BPC is honored to accompany KienLongBank on its path towards digital transformation and help bring the best experiences to its customers. We believe that the solutions that will be deployed in the near future are critical to KienLongBank’s ambitious development roadmap. With extensive experience in the implementation process, we will cooperate with KienLongBank to create products of international standards and to offer the best services to customers”.

In cooperation with BPC, KienLongBank expects to become Vietnam’s leading comprehensive, modern and user-friendly digital bank in less than five years.

In addition to BPC, KienLongBank has also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the largest and most prestigious database management software supplier in the domestic market. The deal will help the bank to develop its core banking system and make services more convenient for customers across all distribution channels. It also enhances mobile banking features with new versions available on iPhone, iPad, and Java ME devices.

KienLongBank's journey to create a faster - smarter - more reliable digital bank is well underway, and with its latest investment in new technologies, it is accelerating the pace in the digital transformation race, and creating breakthrough services to meet all customers' needs.

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