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Analyst Reports

SPARK Matrix

Enterprise Fraud Management

SmartVista Fraud Management (SVFM) solution of BPC with its key differentiating features including omnichannel fraud prevention, self-serviceable machine learning models, and a low-code platform offers advanced fraud prevention capabilities.

The platform uniquely enables issuers and acquirers to detect and prevent fraud across all payment channels in real-time and combat fraud in a scalable manner.

Driven by its comprehensive ML driven EFM capabilities, strong customer value proposition and continued focus on strengthening its SmartVista platform to make it a single platform solution for fraud management, risk scoring, KYC, AML, and other use cases, BPC is positioned as a technology leader in the 2021 SPARK Matrix of EFM market.

According to Pradnya Gugale, analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions.

Spark Matrix

Card Management System

BPC, with its card management platform SmartIssuer, offers comprehensive card management capabilities to manage all aspects of card management, ATM management, billing, mobile and contactless payments, and settlement.

BPC delivers a strong customer ownership experience with its unique card management functionalities and features, including settlement support between partner financial institutions, separation of issuing businesses through a single platform, unique opportunities in terms of commissions, wide customizing options for the financial return of incoming transactions, and ability to facilitate cross-interaction between products of a many-to-many system and flexibility in customer management.

With BPC's strategic approach to strengthening its partner ecosystems to penetrate geographies, sophisticated CMS capabilities, and strong customer value proposition, BPC has received strong ratings across the parameters of technology excellence and customer impact and has been positioned amongst the technology leaders in SPARK Matrix: Card Management System (CMS), 2021. 

Spark Matrix

eCommerce Fraud Prevention

BPC’s SmartVista Fraud Management (SVFM) eCommerce Fraud  Prevention solution is powered by robust ML and an intelligent risk engine to detect behavioral anomalies in real-time and offer a seamless user experience. SVFM is a highly scalable solution as it accommodates national payment systems, high volume, and instant fraud prevention for mid-size retail banks and Fintech firms. SVFM assists high availability setup to provide horizontal scalability through multiple processing nodes for the core and UI and can be deployed in active-active or active-passive modes. 

The key differentiating points for BPC’s SmartVista Fraud Management solution includes omnichannel fraud prevention across all touchpoints and self-serviceable machine learning models. BPC’s SmartVista solution enables risk, fraud, and low-code professionals to define different scenarios without the help of technical support. The solution is offered as SaaS for both on-premises and cloud deployments. 

In terms of roadmap, the company is focusing on making its ML models more effective and adaptive to changing data and trends. Moreover, the company plans to provide specific functionalities to ease integration and offer scalability. BPC is continuously working on strengthening its SmartVista platform and make it a one-stop solution for fraud management, risk scoring, KYC, AML, and other use cases. 


The role of QR codes in payments

QR codes have now started to look resilient as they have made a comeback due to their speedy and seamless process. In many developing markets they dominate mobile payments. Even in the developed markets, there seems to be a growing number of options to pay and interact with merchants and service providers via QR codes. As consumers seek truly contact-free payment and shopping experiences in the post-pandemic world, can QR codes provide the answer?


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