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Digital Banking Solutions

No longer a matter of nice to have


Digital Banking

The world of banking has changed over the last 5 years with the proliferation of neobanks bringing intuitive and new experiences to the end customer. For long dedicated to retail customers, digital banking apps are now bringing more and more specialised services from SME banking to expat or student dedicated banking experiences.

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BPC has rethought its app taking into account new market trends and customers changing behaviours and needs to manage all of their finance and beyond at their fingertips. The company, that has based its entire existence around the concept of “bridging real life to digital” has refined and improved its mobile digital banking app by providing more advanced services which can be self-services in true digital and automated fashion.

Digital Banking means straight through processing and automation from onboarding to the delivery of payment instruments as well as day to day transactional needs. To differentiate in this market, it is necessary to provide true value to the end customer which goes beyond finance. Finance is the end of a journey, it is the result of the customer initiatives within their lifestyle, when buying goods, travelling, growing financially, investing, sharing money and goods or running a business.


Features of Digital Banking


Augmented UX Features

The existing UX template has been refined around responsiveness, overall presentation of the app, added animations along with transition and speed have been made. White label UX templates are also available for institutions to design the front end to their liking as well as configurable process flows, which allows for a true end-to-end digital experience. The same app can be tailored to different segments of customers: retail, agent or merchant.


Chatbot with Speech-to-Text Interactions

 With the smart platform that has been seamlessly integrated, the app will be capable of recognising the consumer’s voice while supporting both speech-to-text and text-to-speech.  With the elevation of chabots within the app, a user will be capable of experiencing the app’s capability without using the interface. A user’s query can be redirected from the Chabot to the concerned call centers.


Dive into Personal Finance Management

The app takes PFM to the next level with management on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, using personalised alerts suiting the way customers want to manage their finance and control their financial health. A user is capable of breaking down his/her expenses and income, whilst supporting all kinds of payment instruments. 

Trading and Investment Competences

This feature will let you keep track and organise your personal financial portfolio. (i.e, stocks, foreign currencies, etc) Buying and selling of investments can also be supported through the mobile banking app. The app can integrate with any third-party investment app or local exchange house to gather trade information, without having to switch apps, all within a single banking app.


Easy Transactions with QR Payments

This much awaited feature is now available to customers and merchants, offering static and dynamic QR support and the ability to handle multiple QR codes, a feature in rising demand since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This feature can be embedded to any device such as mobile phones and tablets, whilst being mVisa compliant.


Customer Goals and Loyalty

Customer’s goals such as a dream car, house, education or a destination are smartly blended with loyalty features, making it possible for financial institutions to expand their business models and expose partners at the right time and location while keeping relevant to the customer and their needs. The model also represents saving capabilities where a certain percentage of a user’s income gets credited to their savings account, in order to achieve their goals.


Case studies


Learn how TymeBank and BPC managed to build an entire banking infrastructure from the ground up to support TymeBank’s ambitions to deliver a unique low-cost innovative service to their clients.

Download the TymeBank case study

Banca Transilvania

Learn how customers of Banca Transilvania are reaping the benefits of BT’s SmartVista-powered systems.

Download the Banca Transilvania case study

Hattha Kaksekar

Learn how, at the leading edge of microfinance, Hattha Kaksekar has been able to grow its products across ATM, POS and mobile devices using SmartVista.

Download the Hattha Kaksekar case study



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Discover our other SmartVista solutions

API Banking

The SmartVista API Banking solution is based on the SmartVista Integration Platform and provides banks with a solid foundation for PSD2 compliance.

Merchant Management

From setup to asset management, Merchant Management helps merchants deliver a superior level of service to merchant networks.

Instant Payments

BPC ‘s SmartVista payment hub centralizes the processing of all payments at a bank, whether they be Card, Real-time, ACH or any other form of payment.

Card Management

SmartVista provides flexible configuration tools to help issuers create innovative card products on-the-fly. 


SmartLoyalty is a loyalty and reward program management solution that enables users to rapidly create and manage innovative loyalty programs.


The BPC eWallet product supports credit, debit and prepaid cards straight out of the box including support for specialist card types.


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