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BPC Marketplace

A platform for MSME inclusion



Small businesses have always been the lifeblood of any economy, especially in emerging markets. Yet this segment of the market tends to have very limited to no access to financial products required for these enterprises to run and grow their business.

The SME Marketplace is targeted to enable financial inclusion for SMEs and let entrepreneurs start trade even without own capital. Starting from this core value proposition, the SME Marketplace is the foundation for a true trading platform, where all participants in the value chain are brought onto a single platform to create an entire ecosystem to service the SME economy. It essentially creates a closed loop trading environment for B2B2C.


Marketplace for Supply Chain

The rise of e-commerce and consumer demand for instant fulfillment has further added to the complexity of the supply chain. BPC’s Marketplace is a new generation supply chain digital network that addresses the needs of SMEs to create a unified supply chain experience for companies to efficiently buy, sell, and manage their supply chain processes. Moving beyond the traditional supply chain model, BPC Marketplace is dynamic, open, interconnected and constantly evolving to respond to short notice changes in market demand, orders and supply, enabling companies to fully participate in the industry 4.0 revolution. 


Marketplace for Government Subsidy

Government subsidies in areas such as energy, health, education, transportation, housing and agriculture are an established method of helping individuals afford their daily needs, preserve social protection and ensure economic health, especially for small and micro institutions that would not otherwise be able to prosper. BPC brings new technologies to make it possible to automate and digitise the  subsidy management process, which should dramatically reduce costs while fast-tracking the delivery of government aid to the right people at the right time. It creates a unified subsidy experience for governments to efficiently automate the distribution, management, control and tracking of their aid.


Marketplace for Smart City

It is essential for cities to continue to attract residents through wellbeing initiatives and technology plays a key role in the success of these programmes. Where many cities have  managed projects in silos, BPC takes a holistic view for essential services to deliver value to all participants and create an outstanding experience for citizens and visitors. BPC’s Marketplace is a three-sided smart city platform that addresses the needs of all participants: citizens, merchants and service providers. The marketplace caters to the needs of municipalities, property owners, developers or property associations that wish to create the ultimate ‘smart community’ experience. Housing portals, facility management, merchants, leisure and city attractions, tollgates, parking and links to community or public transport are all managed within a single app. BPC’s Marketplace acts as a one-stop-shop for booking or providing services within a specific area. 


Features Marketplace


Open lending for all SMEs

The Marketplace offers a environment in which SMEs can apply for access to an unsecured line of credit. There can be multiple types of lenders backing the service, including traditional financial institutions, microfinance institutions, government, P2P lenders or investors.


Beyond basic services – building a richer ecosystem

Bringing SMEs onto the same a centralized platform is merely the starting point. Building on these core services, the Marketplace can be integrated with a wealth of additional services to create a true end to end trading platform for the SME market that benefits all stakeholders.


SMEs’ needs at the heart

Marketplace can either be rolled out including a closed loop payment system but could equally be integrated with existing payment systems so small businesses can leverage these electronic payment options and accept payments through cards or closed loop wallet systems.


Case studies

Finance Now

Learn how Finance Now is able to offer its consumers sophisticated loyalty programmes while at the same time, enhancing the company’s ability to roll out new payment and loyalty services to their clients.

Download Finance Now case study

Safal Fasal Marketplace

India's first marketplace that matches farmers with buyers, financial institutions, and all ecosystem partners to help grow the agriculture industry.

Download the case study


Brochure Marketplace

Brochure Instant Payments

Brochure ATM Management


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