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Serving customers in over 100 countries across 5 continents.
Creating ecosystems with over 350 institutions.
Billion USD payment processed in 2020.

Experience the Ecosystem

All across the world, BPC links real life needs to smart digital solutions, helping customers in various industries ranging from banking, retail to mobility to build out meaningful ecosystems.

Bridging Real Life to Digital

We create digital ecosystems that bring together banks, processors, merchants to deliver relevant services to customers to fulfill their everyday financial lives.

  • Real life issues in Rural and Urban environments demand SMART and open-minded brains, many hands and a culture that simply does what it promises around the world through modern and agile IT. Smart does it.
  • Urban: connecting transport needs to payments, government grants and access to finance.
  • Rural: empowering local communities in powerful commerce platform: buy, sell, supply, provide through all stakeholders.

BPC SmartVista

All the products in the SmartVista suite have been designed and grown organically to ensure they complement each other and work together seamlessly. They can be deployed as a standalone solution or installed as a suite to form a complete end to end electronic payments system.


The way we do things has changed dramatically and with that the business models we knew. Rather than going to a bank we seek access to banking services. Rather than watching channel television we opt and choose a programme of our choice at a time of our choice.


The more digital technology we have the more we seem to travel. Mobility, like technology, has grown out of all imaginable growth patterns over the last twenty years.


As the world heads decisively into a digital direction, eCommerce grows with that trend. Although the eCommerce marketshare in retail is still ‘only’ 16% globally in 2019, the strategic direction is clear.

  • Banking
  • Mobility
  • Commerce


Banking - At BPC we realise that we must not automate existing processes and call that digital, we must rethink processes and transactions from the users’ perspectives and use that knowledge to help our customers create relevant digital experiences.

Agent Banking

SmartVista’s Agent Banking solution allows agents to offer a full range of financial services to their communities.

Risk & Fraud

SmartVista Fraud Prevention provides a complete solution to help issuers, acquirers and processors detect and prevent fraud across all payment channels.


BPC eWallet supports credit, debit and prepaid cards straight out of the box including support for specialist card types.


With Switch, issuers, acquirers and processors can manage the fast-moving payments landscape and deliver the best levels of service to their customers.



MobilityThe more we can ‘virtually’ experience at ‘home’, the more we seem to wander around the world. The more we can achieve by working remotely, the more we fly around the world to do international business or jet through town to fit 20 meetings in a day. The more we order online, the more delivery traffic we see.



Master the challenges of frictionless fare collection. BPC delivers a convenient account-based ticketing system, using the latest technology to implement automated fare collection for public transportation.

Fleet & Fuel

SmartVista for Fuel Retailers has been developed to assist retailers handle the challenges easily, supporting the needs of fleet customers and consumers in an easy to use, rapidly installed and cost effective solution.



Commerce - This trend of grabbing marketshare off ‘bricks and mortar’ will be amplified by new technologies that are being adapted around the world. An omni device and offline experience is very possible now with people getting a real life experience in store with deliveries before they reach their home at their doorstep.

SmartVista’s eCommerce engine provides a secure, state-of-the-art gateway for internet payment processing.
Card management
SmartVista provides flexible configuration tools to help issuers create innovative card products on-the-fly.
Merchant Management
From setup to asset management, Merchant Management helps merchants deliver a superior level of service to merchant networks.
While small businesses are the lifeblood of any economy, this segment tends to have limited access to financial products required to grow their business.


As the first new bank built in South Africa in more than a decade, TymeBank was looking for reliable and experienced payment partners who could commit to this epic journey.

With the right customer focused corporate culture and robust SmartVista product suite, BPC proved to be the partner TymeBank needed for building a new bank from the ground up.


When support for its existing card management and processing systems became unavailable, BT looked for a replacement.

It was important for the bank that any new system could both scale to support its future growth and also support a loyalty program for its customers and merchants.


As Finance Now’s business grew in size and complexity, the group needed a practical solution to deliver a wide range of card services.

Today they are able to offer its consumers sophisticated loyalty programmes while at the same time, enhancing the company’s ability to roll out new payment and loyalty services to their clients.

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