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September 15, 2023

BPC Ranks in Top 100 Firms in IDC FinTech Rankings 2023

Switzerland/London, September 15th, 2023: BPC, the global leading payment solution provider, was listed in the top 100 firms in the IDC’s annual fintech rankings. The FinTech Rankings are an annual ranking which highlights the top 100 global providers of financial technology, recognising BPC as a leader in the Fintech industry. BPC’s Smartvista product suite enables institutions and businesses in over 120 countries to transform their banking and payments infrastructure, earning BPC’s place on the prestigious IDC FinTech rankings.BPC’s innovative technology is a key enabler for over 350 businesses across the world, providing the infrastructure institutions and businesses utilise to build advanced digital-first financial products. As the global finance industry grapples with complex financial fraud and increasing demand for digital financial services, BPC’s technology enables institutions and businesses to bring to market secure and accessible digital financial services. 

The IDC FinTech Rankings are an industry standard, and we are honoured to be recognised as one of the top 100 fintech firms across the globe.” said Vasily Grigoriev, Executive Vice President, and Managing Director Payment Processing Center at BPC. “Our continued development of the SmartVista product suite will enable us to climb the FinTech rankings and empower our customers across the globe to increase financial inclusion, advance fraud prevention and improve payment experiences.”

The Fortune 500-style ranking categorises and evaluates the top global providers of financial technology based on calendar year revenues exclusively received from financial institutions and fintechs for hardware, software and/or services. These providers supply the technological backbone of the financial services industry, an industry in which IDC forecasts worldwide spending on IT across the globe to be over $800 billion (USD) by 2026.

BPC’s spot in the IDC FinTech Rankings 2023 recognises an impressive year for the global payment solutions provider, including an extensive list of partnerships with institutions and businesses across Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. BPC continues to build innovative payments and banking technology, enabling partners to reach underserved consumers and offer secure digital financial services.

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