Smart does IT at BPC

In a world where complexity is only matched by uncertainty, where technology innovation cannot be measured in impact or speed, one thing is clear. It is not the biggest of the past, the fashion icon of today, the lowest cost in the industry who thrives. Being smart matters most. Knowing when and how to apply intelligence without shooting past the goal. Understanding which lessons learned to embrace and which to cast aside.

Having experienced that working together works better than being a ‘mere vendor’. Smart is a mix of intelligence, experience and savviness, knowing how the world works in real life terms.

That is what we are about at BPC – from all corners of the world we apply one strategy: Smart does IT.

Are you ready for an exciting challenge with us at BPC?

Fraud Monitoring specialist – 24/7

At BPC we believe in creating solutions that empower our clients to grow ever closer relationships with their customers. We strive to improve the world of payments through our ideas, innovations and experiences that make everyday life easier for everyo

Location: Hungary, Budapest

Java Developer

Do you want to develop innovative payment solutions? Are you interested in the scope of plastic cards processing and usage of leading payment implements? Do you have any experience in engineering and development of highly loaded transaction processing

Location: Russia, Moscow