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BPC enters the KSA Market in a strategic partnership with Interpaymea

Nadia Benaissa Dec 9, 2020 4:00:00 AM

BPC, the leading provider of digital payment solutions, is proud to announce it is entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia market with the aim to strengthen its presence in the region. As part of its go-to-market strategy, the company recently announced the key nomination of Khaled Moharam as Managing Director for the GCC as well as a local representation through a partnership with Interpaymea.

Headquartered in Switzerland and founded in 1996, BPC has successfully grown to serve 280 financial institutions worldwide. The Swiss company has smartly evolved as the market has continued to change, working alongside central banks and national payment switch systems while expanding into digital banking, payment and commerce solutions, and most recently adding mobility and smart city payment to its product suite, a sector currently going through its own digital transformation evolution. Today the firm proudly shares its key expertise in doing banking and payments in a local context together with invaluable insights gained from serving institutions in over 90 countries to create unparalleled customer experiences in banking, payments, commerce and mobility.

BPC’s entry to Saudi Arabia aligns with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 to progress and diversify digital services with the aim to improve digital adoption while fostering economic growth. The programme has entered its third phase, covering digital health, digital education, e-commerce and smart cities.

BPC brings to the Kingdom its SmartVista Platform, a robust and future-proof platform, which has been adopted by institutions such as HSBC, ING, Oman Arab Bank, Qatar National Bank, Sberbank and Tymebank South Africa. The platform has been designed to support micro services and can be used as a standalone or as a full end-to-end banking and payment suite. It includes channel management, digital banking, an API hub, payment gateways and merchant acquiring solutions, wallets and card management, fraud and risk management, digital ticketing and marketplaces.

With offices already established in the UAE and Jordan, Saudi Arabia will become a strong hub for BPC’s activities in the Middle East. The presence of BPC in the Kingdom has been realised through a strategic partnership with Interpaymea. Interpaymea is a leading provider of card and payment solutions in Saudi Arabia with years of experience serving financial institutions and payment providers. Interpaymea will be representing BPC in the Kingdom commercially as well as offering local delivery and support services to mutual clients 24x7.

Mr Badri Alkadhim – Founder of Interpaymea said: “BPC’s entry to Saudi Arabia comes at a perfect time as the Kingdom is accelerating its digital transformation programme. Our organisations are complementary, Interpaymea brings a wealth of local knowledge and service, while BPC offers the latest in banking, commerce and mobility solutions, currently in high demand in the Kingdom”.

Mr AlAqqad, cofounder and CEO of Interpaymea shared his enthusiasm: “BPC and Interpaymea share the same vision for the future of payment with the focus to precisely respond to customers changing behaviours when banking, shopping, moving and paying in store, in app and online. I am confident that our partnership will appeal to financial institutions that want to differentiate and play a leading role in the Kingdom’s changing banking, commerce and mobility markets.”

Mr Khaled Moharam – Managing Director GCC commented: “I am proud to be joining BPC in this new venture at a perfect time. I am impressed by the fast growth of the company and look forward to contributing to its expansion in the GCC, a market I have covered for over 20 years. It is exciting to see how the market is evolving with everything contactless or online and BPC is at the forefront of innovation in these areas”.

Mr Angelo Bertini – SVP, Managing Director Middle East and Africa at BPC commented: “I am proud to see BPC entering the Saudi market with a partnership and a strategic nomination. This announcement translates our vision to grow our regional footprint. The Middle East and the GCC in particular are going through an innovation boost that is palpable in commerce, banking and mobility with new payment experiences – key areas of expertise of BPC. The partnership with Interpaymea allows us to augment our capabilities in the Kingdom and we could not expect a better partner. We look forward to making positive announcements soon”.

About Interpaymea

Interpaymea is a payment fintech that was founded in 2015 to serve financial institutions and provide cutting edge technology and added value services. Interpaymea objective is to offer an integrated suite of products and services that enable the move towards a digital and cashless payment society. Interpaymea has formed strategic alliances with major providers of payment technology and is combining its professional services capabilities with its partners to create unique experience for both customers and merchants.