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BPC launches 'seed to market' agritech ecosystem in India

BPC Dec 18, 2019 9:29:45 AM


Safal Fasal marketplace levels farming community digitally with end-to-end value chain partners 

Lucknow (IN), Baar (CH), December 18, 2019Today at the Safal Fasal introduction event in Lucknow, BPC launches a marketplace initiative to support the Indian agriculture community from ‘seed to market’ – digital where possible, physical where needed. The initiative is supported by a wide range of industry players ranging from agriculture (service) providers, buyers, government and financial institutions to the end farmer, often organised in local co-operatives. At launch date over 30,000 farmers are part of the Safal Fasal marketplace. BPC kicked off this comprehensive collaboration as part of its core ‘bridging real life to digital’ mission, empowering farmers by connecting them with credible financial and business stakeholders in the value chain.

The Safal Fasal Marketplace connects buyers and sellers and improves the income of the farmer by enabling access to multiple buyers, multiple input companies at reduced prices, credit at affordable rates, financial services lifting them into the real economy and access to advisory services for a more efficient and sustainable crop productivity. Buyers in turn benefit from access to a large and varied segment of credible and vetted farmers and their produce, ease of procurement and planning in a fragmented market, better logistics and tracing and therefore a better and more balanced price with reduced risk. 

The initiative, powered by the BPC Marketplace technology, facilitates market linkages through marketing, trade and export and seamless business transactions across the agri-value chain in full transparency.

Anatoly Loginov, Chairman BPC Banking Technologies states: “Building eco-systems is not merely a passion but a realistic and much needed development in the digitalisation of our economy. We can no longer achieve better performance through point to point solutions, but we must seek cooperation amongst parties and facilitate this at scale with digital technology. By doing so we can also make a contribution to large societal and economic dilemmas such as food provision, fair trade and access to society and a healthy financial life for all.” 

He continues: “We are delighted that so many credible business partners have signed up to our initiative ranging from leading banks and agriculture providers up to local partners delivering kiosks for the local farmer in remote locations. Together we can build a broad digital ecosystem from India, which learnings can then be lifted into other sectors and regions of the world”.

About Safal Fasal

Safal Fasal (meaning successful agriculture) is a BPC initiative, supported by the following partners to date:

  • Ecosystem Players
    • Tanager International,
    • Sure
    • Kisan Saathi
    • JSW Foundation
    • Sub-K
  • Input Suppliers
    • Bayer
  • VAS providers
    • India Health Link
    • Greenlight
    • Fourbino
  • Banking partner
    • ICICI Bank


Safal Fasal is powered by BPC MarketPlace which facilitates the agriculture ecosystem to bridge the gap between the buyers and the sellers (farmers or FPOs*); the financial institutions, insurance companies, VAS providers (viz., input providers, shared facilities, shared logistics etc.), knowledge partners and scaling partners are brought into the MarketPlace platform to provide their services to farmers or farming community to bring in stability & increase in income for the farmers. BPC MarketPlace is designed to embody all the principles required in a multi-institution, multi-currency, multi-channel, multi-country processing environment and most advanced, innovative banking solutions. The BPC MarketPlace platform that enables any institution or initiative like Safal Fasal with the following: 

  • Configure a digital ecosystem 
  • On-board relevant players into the ecosystem with required business relationships and manage the same 
  • Enable seamless business transactions between each of the ecosystem players

About BPC

BPC was founded 20 years ago and as true ‘globetrotters in fintech’ it is now active in 82 countries. Its over 600 employees deploy services and technology for over 220 clients in 82 countries.  BPC powers payments across the globe by supplying software to banks, processors, merchants and other ecosystem players, such as governments and transportation providers. True to its mission of ‘bridging real life to digital’ it has a strong focus on creating ecosystems around smart rural and city initiatives to advance financial inclusion and streamline the buy and sell processes for all stakeholders involved.

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Regional India & Commercial contact:
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