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Making the difference in East Africa

BPC receives yet another award!

This month we received yet another award from The Banker Africa. Now, BPC is recognized in two regions as ‘the Best Payments Solution Provider’ – South and East Africa. The value that we add to our customers in these regions is through a combination of the completeness of our product and the dedication and expertise of our delivery teams. Most importantly, the business commitment and extensive involvement of our customers in the region are very important ingredients that enabled change and innovation in these countries.

Currently, our progress in East Africa is driven by core projects in Ethiopia and Kenya. Our implementations are focused on providing our customers with the ability to innovate and differentiate in an increasingly competitive landscape. Financial inclusion, digital banking solutions and support for multiple payment types as well as the ability to acquire transactions from any channel are key drivers that our partnerships with customers deliver on.

In Ethiopia, our solution is driving interoperability between 17 banks, allowing Ethiopian consumers greater access to banking and financial services. In Kenya, we are helping remote consumers in rural areas gain better access to financial services through agency banking services that our customer provides through the innovative deployment of SmartVista.

Since 2010, our payment professionals at BPC Banking Technologies have helped 14 organizations in eight countries across Africa support national-scale payments switches, cross-borders payment systems, merchant networks and multi-institutional projects. Day by day, step by step together with our clients we’ve been pushing the idea of convenient services to remote areas. The roll-out of these new and innovative payment services benefits individuals and the local economy in general.

As Robin Amlôt, Chief Executive Officer at the Banker Africa, stated “The Awards are designed to reward excellence in financial services, identifying the key players working to help create a prosperous diversified future for all of the region’s people, businesses and economies.” So we at BPC Banking Technologies are very proud to be recognized in this way as making a difference across the continent.