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SmartVista compatible with Matica personalization systems

BPC Oct 4, 2018 1:14:57 PM

*****press release*****

BPC, a world leading provider of payment solutions, is happy to announce the successful certification of its partnership with Matica Electronics, and with it comes the official accreditation for Matica personalization systems, which are now compatible with the SmartVista suite.

This forte of the suite has also been evidenced by Matica Electronics. Quoting Valerio Cimbro, Central Issuance and Financial Instant Issuance Product and Sales Manager, Matica Electronics: “We're delighted that SmartVista is now an option for the range of compatible EMV software supported by Matica’s personalization systems; we are confident that this recognition will broaden the opportunities in our portfolio of solutions in the payments card industry.”

Being the sole designer and developer of SmartVista, BPC have always focused on an organic growth of the suite ensuring a seamless interface to third party solutions.

The SmartVista suite being modular by design can be deployed as an individual point solution solving a specific need or implemented together to form a complete end-to-end electronic payments system.

The Matica solutions selected to operate with the SmartVista suite will work with Matica’s personalization systems using the latest software development kit (SDK) released for every system.

Matica’s instant card issuance solutions, (S3500, S3400 and S3300e), and central issuance solutions, (S5200, S6200 and S7000 Series) are now compatible with SmartVista as an optional EMV software. This series of solutions supports the production of small, over-the-counter credit and debit cards at branch level to high-end, centralized production solutions. It also offers support for specialist cards such as corporate, travel and campus cards and the like.

For low-volume or instant card issuance requirements the S3500 and S3400 solutions feature printing and embossing, whereas the S6200 series is the entry-level solution for centralized cards. Applications that require high-volume card issuance can leverage the flexible S7000 as a future upgrade at any time. When special applications are needed the S5200 Series industrial desktop system is a good choice for low to mid-volume central issuance programs.

All options are there, or – as commented by Marijke Koninckx, Head of Product Marketing, BPC - “We at BPC are happy to have such a reliable partner as Matica. Nowadays consumers have more choice than ever before and are actively shopping around for the payment card that best fits with their lifestyle. Running compatible software, BPC’s card management system and Matica’s instant card issuance solutions, any issuer may simplify his customer’s experience. We make sure it works.”

About BPC Banking Solutions

With more than 200+ clients which include leading financial institutions in over 73 countries, and several of the world’s largest banks. To provide long-term support and partnership for our customers, we have developed a global network of offices, all with local language support.

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 About Matica Technologies Group

Matica Technologies Group is a fast-growing and innovative global company with a strong international network. Matica develops, manufactures and markets solutions to issue financial cards, ID cards and passports for secure ID and payments applications. The company offers a comprehensive hardware and software product portfolio, from centralized systems and mailers to desktop card printers, laser desktop systems and instant issuance solutions.

The Group is worldwide represented with offices in Italy, Germany, France, Singapore, China, the US, the UAE, and India.

For further information, visit www.maticatech.com.