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BPC to become part of Utimaco’s partner program: Secure end-to-end payment accelerates digitalization

Nadia Benaissa Oct 7, 2020 1:18:00 PM

Combination of BPC’s SmartVista platform and Utimaco's Atalla HSM creates a secure end-to-end solution for the banking and finance sector

Aachen, Germany and Campbell (CA), USA, October 07, 2020 – Utimaco, a leading global provider of IT security solutions, and BPC, a global provider of digital payment solutions, are expanding their current partnership to help companies offer new digital services. BPC’s SmartVista provides them with an end-to-end banking platform that covers all of the requirements of future digital financial services. The Atalla Hardware Security Module (HSM) by Utimaco is designed to protect sensitive customer data, provide secure cardholder authentication and manage the cryptographic keys used in retail ecommerce payment transactions. SmartVista and Atalla HSM as a combined offer will help financial institutions to accelerate their digitalization without compromising security.

Digitalization has long since become the determining factor in all industries: new forms of digital payments (e.g. machine-2-machine) are emerging, and the coronavirus pandemic is driving the demand for digital services even further. At the same time, emerging markets are in the process of skipping card-based payments altogether and moving directly into full, mobile digital payment. Banks and payment service providers are faced with the dual challenge of keeping pace with all these developments while guaranteeing the highest level of security. BPC and Utimaco can help to combine payment innovations and the highest security standards. The companies’ cooperation satisfies the demand for secure, cloud-based As-a-Service payment solutions. Utimaco’s HSMs are Common Criteria certified, comply with the eIDAS standard and are therefore ideally suited to support an open banking ecosystem and instant payments required by PSD2.

During the corona pandemic, the number of cardholder-not-present transactions in particular has increased considerably. The 3D Secure v2 process provides greater security for these applications where the cardholder is not present in person, such as online shopping and transactions via call centers. This is where Utimaco comes into play, as HSMs secure the communication between the payment processor and the issuing bank.

“With the BPC SmartVista application and the Utimaco Atalla Payment HSM, two heavyweights of the payment industry are joining forces to provide the payment market with state-of-the-art technology. Digital payments have been on the rise for a long time now and this trend has accelerated tremendously given the situation we find ourselves in today. By partnering with BPC, we are able to offer a fully integrated end-to-end solution that is already used by several financial institutions,” said Haris Sethi, Global Strategy Manager, Payments Security, at Utimaco.

“BPC has been serving financial institutions for over 25 years and continues to do so during these critical times. Besides the huge surge in digital payments, we are seeing a growing demand for complete cloud solutions that accelerate the introduction of new offerings. Financial institutions are looking for fast, highly secure, scalable and robust solutions that enable them to respond to changes in both customer payment habits and how they render their own financial services. We are pleased to form an alliance with Utimaco to provide a ready-to-use security suite based on SmartVista to support these changes,” said Angelo Bertini, SVP, MD Middle East and Africa, at BPC.

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