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The way we bank is evolving faster than ever with changes in regulation and the rise of startups. Financial institutions no longer set industry standards; rather customers do, inspired by the way they shop, learn or share things online. At BPC we realise that we must rethink processes and transactions from the customer’s perspective and use that knowledge to help financial institutions create relevant digital experiences. We have designed SmartVista as a customer-centric banking platform to help financial institutions choose their path - whether it is a tier 1 bank transforming to remain relevant; a fintech launching a neobank with a new value proposition; or a micro-finance institution looking to include the financially excluded. Banking for all.

Digital Banking

Online and mobile banking are no longer ‘nice to haves’ in the minds of consumers. their daily lives are seamlessly integrated into the online, digital world and banking is no exception.

Mobile and Internet Banking has become a crucial and necessary interaction channel between a bank and its customers and the absence of these digital channels could even drive consumers to look for other providers for their financial needs.

BPC Banking Technologies’ SmartVista delivers the full range of digital banking services to meet today’s customer expectations. SmartVista covers both internet and mobile channels, supporting the entire spectrum of digital services in real-time; from balances and account information, fund transfers, bill and utility payments and online account opening to foreign currency transactions.


API Banking

Open banking is set to have a major impact on the financial services industry. In the last few years, open APIs have gained traction and financial institutions are revisiting their channel and partner strategies accordingly. The revised Payment Service Directive, known as PSD2, is one of the driving forces behind this evolution.

PSD2 intends to create an environment where third parties and banks can innovate and deliver value added services to end users while still protecting the customer’s sensitive data. SmartVista enables banks to provide secure API access to payment initiation and account information services in order to comply with the regulation. However, most banks are exploring their options to extend the scope of their open banking projects in order to monetize the investments made to open up their existing back end systems.

BPC-Solutions-Api-Banking (1)

Risk & Fraud Management

Fraud not only causes financial loss, it can significantly affect brand reputation and drives customer attrition.
According to a Nilson report, global card fraud losses will near $50 billion by 2025 despite the introduction of EMV. Fraud is shifting to the ‘card not present’ environment, targeting individuals and businesses alike, and fraud attempts and cyber-attacks are starting to focus on new payments technologies.

Payment service providers need to mitigate fraud risk, analyse each transaction in real-time and monitor fraud across all their channels. Even though each channel has specific fraud risks, there are benefits in managing fraud detection and prevention across all channels.



EWallet supports the entire spectrum of electronic payments, including sending and receiving funds, purchasing goods and services, bill payments, utility payments and mobile top-up.

Digital wallets all start from the same core value proposition: offering mobile payments and digitizing payment instruments. However, their implementation varies greatly, ranging from wallet applications that essentially offer a digital version of a plastic card, to those that offer closed loop payments based on carrier billing or even based on cash in/cash out mechanisms via agents that represent the wallet operator.


SmartVista - a single platform for all banking needs

SmartVista is a modern banking platform that combines customer-centricity, flexibility, scalability and security. Its API-powered modular design makes it the perfect solution for financial institutions that wish to transform or deploy new propositions at speed, on premise, as a SaaS or Banking as a Service model.

Beyond technology, BPC delivers smart propositions through its wealth of insights, from customer acquisition and engagement models to loyalty, gained from its journey in serving financial institutions, telecommunications, ecommerce and smart city organisations across the world.

Greenfield Banks

SmartVista can be used to launch new digital banks from the ground up. It comprises digital channels, a payment engine, card management, and risk and security features in addition to an optional lightweight core banking system to fasttrack the launch of new propositions.

Digital Transformation

The SmartVista banking platform offers modular options for established organisations that wish to transform, choosing the components that will give them speed, efficiency and customer proximity.

Digital Financial Inclusion

The SmartVista platform is a smart solution for micro-finance institutions to reach out to the unbanked with simple, accessible yet affordable banking services leveraging mobile, e-wallets and smart payment functions.



With high volumes of card transactions, DSK wanted a comprehensive fraud prevention system to ensure the safety of its customers and their accounts and cards.

BPC replaced the existing risk management system with SmartVista starting with issuing and then acquiring, providing the full support and tracking of fraudulent activities within the  bank’s system.

satim eng cover

SATIM wanted to increase the level of functionality of its services and ensure its network would not experience any form of interruption.

BPC powered new functionality and ensured stability of the clients network, increasing availability and allowing network expansion through the country.


ZB Bank wanted to develop a fully functional processing center in-house with features built-in rather than standalone add-ons.

The BPC solution provided it and extended the variety of cards issued by the bank, which now offers VISA, local ZB Bank cards, prepaid chip cards, and cashback cards.

CS_Monetique De Tunisie_cover

As its business grew, so did the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the company’s legacy operating platform.

Monétique-Tunisie needed a new strategic solution to handle its growth in a cost effective manner.


As the first new bank built in South Africa in more than a decade, TymeBank was looking for reliable and experienced payment partners who could commit to this epic journey.

With the right customer focused corporate culture and robust SmartVista product suite, BPC proved to be the partner TymeBank needed for building a new bank from the ground up.

CS_State Bank of Mauritius_cover

Like many successful banks, State Bank of Mauritius needed to overcome a large legacy infrastructure to realise its growth ambitions.

SmartVista provides a single payments solution for the bank which increased productivity, reduced TCO and speeded up new product development.


CPBank required a system flexible enough to support different areas of business and support its growth. It wanted to improve its ATM functionality to match improvements in its card management capabilities.

BPC has introduced new switching capabilities, and ac ard Management system with card generation and issuing options, as well as expanding the bank’s portfolio of cards issued.



Bank Sinarmas was looking for a digital uplift to move away from legacy technologies at times when the central bank enforced the introduction of chip-based cards and payment devices, which legacy systems cannot handle.

BPC has introduced its SmartVista suite for a big bang deployment approach, marking a major shift in technology and customer experience.


Learn more on how WeNet chose BPC’s SmartVista platform to develop its Instant Transfer Scheme (ITS) for real time retail payments and the National Switch for card payments in Yemen.


Read how IBBL chose BPC’s SmartVista platform that not only possessed all required functionalities and characteristics, but also
offered additional tools to help the bank achieve its mission.


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