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E-Commerce Payment Solutions

Secure, straightforward internet payments


When you trade over the internet, your success depends on confidence.

Everyone involved in the transaction, from the customer to the issuer, needs to feel assured that payments will go through smoothly, swiftly and safely. SmartVista’s eCommerce engine provides a secure, state-of-the-art gateway for internet payment processing. Customers can use it as a complete solution, removing any dependence on third parties, or choose individual components to enhance an existing internet payment platform.


Features eCommerce


Comprehensive security

Designed to ensure the privacy and security of internet payments, the SmartVista e-commerce engine combines 3D Secure authentication with a sophisticated anti-fraud system that filters transactions based on rules set by merchants.


Enrich existing platforms

Using SmartVista’s e-commerce solution, customers can enhance existing ecommerce systems with merchant plug-in (MPI) or access control server (ACS) components to add 3D Secure transaction processing, or build in rules-based fraud management capability.


Support current and future payments options

As well as supporting a variety of customer not present (CNP) payment options, the SmartVista e-commerce solution is ready for direct integration with e-wallet capabilities, offering embedded customer profiles


Case studies


Learn how the combination of Alfa-Bank’s in-depth fraud expertise and SmartGuard’s capabilities has been highly effective, driving down fraud rates and preventing up to US$1 million per week in losses.

Download the Alfa-Bank case study


Learn how TymeBank and BPC managed to build an entire banking infrastructure from the ground up to support TymeBank’s ambitions to deliver a unique low-cost  innovative service to their clients.

Download the TymeBank case study


Learn how Warehouse is able to offer its consumers sophisticated loyalty programmes while at the same time, enhancing the company’s ability to roll out new payment and loyalty services to their clients.

Download the Warehouse case study



Brochure Card Management

Brochure eWallet

Brochure Risk & Fraud Management


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