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BPC Marketplace partners with Brazilian Desk to provide financial access to Micro and SME communities in Latin America

Nadia Benaissa Jul 24, 2020 10:33:40 AM
  • BPC enters Latin American market through partnership with Brazilian Desk
  • BPC Marketplace will provide Micro and SMEs in Brazil with formal financial access to the real economy
  • Future plans focus on replicating Marketplace in other LatAm countries

BPC, the leading provider of digital payment solutions, partners with specialised market consultancy Brazilian Desk, to connect Brazilian micro and small businesses in key sectors such as agriculture in one digital ecosystem – BPC Marketplace. The closed-loop trading environment, supported by BPC’s payment platform, will be used to forge critical market links and boost Brazilian SME communities’ financial inclusion and instant access to income.

Rafael Dávila, BPC business development manager for North and Latin America, says: “Brazil is one of the largest producers of sugar cane, coffee, soy and corn, meaning the economy and workforce in the country are highly dependent on its farming land. It is critical to connect underprivileged farming producers and communities to the rest of the economy to improve their income and living standard.”

In the agriculture space, the BPC Marketplace platform will connect farming producers in Brazil with the rest of the agriculture value chain, including buyers, credit providers and insurers. The transparency and security of the platform also make it a great opportunity for local and regional governments to join and operate this ecosystem, attracting NGOs and foundations to provide further support to the farming community.

The Marketplace can be applied to many other verticals such as FMCG, Health and Education. It will provide Brazilian and SMEs with formal access to financial services such as lines of credit at better rates, insurance, as well as the hiring of logistics partners, storage and, above all, payments, are in a digital format.

The future roadmap

Once the Marketplace model is consolidated, BPC will aim to replicate the platform in other Latin American countries to provide SMEs across a variety of sectors, supply chains and commerce with an agile and transparent ecosystem tailored to the needs of the participants. BPC is providing underprivileged communities with a connection to the real economy and aims to put sectors such as agriculture on a level-playing field with the rest of Latin America’s industrialised markets.

Marketplace in action

BPC’s Marketplace is being successfully used in the award-winning Safal Fasal project for farmers and cooperatives in India. Launched on January 1 2020, Safal Fasal has onboarded over 100,000 farmers to date and was crucial during COVID-19 as farmers and their supply chain got hit during and after the lockdown phase.

About Brazilian Desk

Consultancy born in 1999, based in the USA, with headquarters in Florida, which has a strong presence in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. Its objective is to facilitate secure access to opportunities in international markets, with a focus on networks, innovation and results. It works on integral planning policies and a strong governance. The firm also relies on its active network of multidisciplinary professionals and strategic allies from various industries, such as hospitality, franchising, capital markets, financial services, business technology, tax planning, and corporate law.