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BPC expands offering with SmartVista digital banking app solution

Nadia Benaissa Dec 10, 2020 9:04:21 AM

BPC, the leading provider of digital payment solutions, has unveiled its new mobile and digital banking app solution, designed to provide banks and fintechs with a comprehensive set of features that go beyond traditional banking. The app solution offers ease of use and fast implementation for banks that wish to accelerate their digital transformation and fintechs that need to go to market fast.

Developed in house, the new app ultimately fulfils BPC’s promise to ‘bridge real life to digital’ in a contactless manner for its customers. In response to the digital banking boom during the pandemic, the app is built to serve all segments from retail customers and merchants, to agents in both mature and emerging markets, allowing them to quickly access the digital economy. The app comes with white label UX templates for institutions to style and brand the user interface as well as configurable process flows, making for a true end-to-end digital experience.

BPC’s SmartVista app is built to give financial institutions the tools to boost customer engagement, drive customer loyalty and generate new revenue streams from cross and up selling.  

Key features of the new SmartVista mobile banking app include:

  1. Chatbot with Speech-to-Text Features: enabling customers to securely transact voicing queries or give instructions to the app, creating conversational, frictionless interactions that boost engagement.
  2. Personal Financial Management: taken to the next level with management on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, using personalised alerts and limits, built to offer personalised control of financial health for customers.
  3. QR Code Payments: available to customers and merchants, offering static and dynamic QR support and the ability to handle multiple QR codes, a feature in rising demand since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  4. A unified merchant and agent banking app: which creates a dual experience, from accepting payments for retail purchases to offering agent banking services on behalf of a financial institution.
  5. Trading and Investment: delivered through open APIs, to integrate with any third-party investment app or local exchange house to gather trade information within one single banking app. Customers can grow their earning capabilities, while providing new revenue generation activity for financial institutions.
  6. Goals and Loyalty: help customers make the most out of their money. Customer goals such as saving for a dream car, house, education or holiday destination are smartly blended with loyalty features, making it possible for financial institutions to expand their business models and expose partners at the right time and location, while staying relevant to the customer and their needs.

Oleg Patsiansky – Head of Digital Banking at BPC commented: “A free card and a bank account are not sufficient to attract new customers. Relevance is the new ‘killer app’ and we are proud of our new mobile banking app, which has been inspired by our eclectic experience in serving tier one banks to fintechs in over ninety countries. The app blends all of our expertise in banking, mobility and commerce into a contextual experience wrapped around each individual customer and his or her private/business needs. Today’s modern technology makes it possible to create contextual and thus relevant experiences for BPC clients and their end users around the world.”

Find out more about BPC’s SmartVista digital banking app solution here.