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Most recent updates of BPC, Radar Payments and O-CITY

Nadia Benaissa Aug 16, 2021 12:44:58 PM

It has been an excellent start to the summer, with plenty of new developments in the world of contactless payments.

One of the most exciting news we shared was the announcement that Bulgaria’s DSK Bank has teamed up with BPC's O-CITY to launch contactless payments in Sofia’s public transport, a huge leap forward for the nation’s capital towards the smart city and digital transformation.

Thanks to the collaboration, Sofia’s passengers can seamlessly and securely tap-to-pay with their bank card in 3,900 validators across the capital’s public ground transportation system, including buses, trams, and trolleybuses.

Passengers can pay using contactless Visa or Mastercard bank cards issued by any bank or fintech company or respective NFC mobile wallet. The payment can be processed in milliseconds and removes the need for cash, with the bank card instantly becoming a ‘ticket’.

The project’s second phase will see a further 450 stations across the capital’s transport system accept digital payments. The solution has already been put in place in more than 130 cities worldwide and has been welcomed by passengers across the globe.

Over in Africa, O-City has brought contactless travel to the Ivory Coast. The Moja Ride app allows passengers in capital Abidjan to book and pay for rides digitally while also digitally helping transport operators manage their fleets, routes, and payment methods.

There are over six billion smartphone subscriptions worldwide. That figure is set to grow by several hundred million in the next few years, making digital and mobile ticketing on public transport even more imperative. O-City has a new blog post on the benefits of mobile ticketing that’s worth a read.

The company will also be sponsoring and presenting at Global Mass Transit’s upcoming virtual conference, "Transit Ticketing & Fare Collection in the US," on 15-16 September 2021. The conference will explore emerging trends and showcase solutions to emerging challenges.

In-person events are slowly returning as well. BPC Banking Technologies representative and MD for Francophone West Africa Sinourou Sekongo in Douala, Cameroon, recently represented BPC at the Africa Banking Forum 2021.

In Cambodia, PPCBank launched a new card management service for PPCBank Mobile App users. New card functions put users in full control of their cards and allow connected accounts to be embedded in the PPCBank Mobile App. These new functions have been made possible by PPCBank replacing its legacy switch system with SmartVista from BPC.

There is exciting new progress being made every day across the globe, with our technology helping to shape the future of digital banking payments in some of the most exciting economies in the world. We can’t wait to announce what we are working on over the next few weeks - but we have to keep it under wraps until the projects are completed. Until then, stay tuned, and watch this space!