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Considering Building Your Own Super App? Here’s Why You Should…

Imran Vilcassim Nov 30, 2022 5:30:00 PM


In the final article in our Super Apps series we’re going to be honing in on what you need to know if you’re ready to build your own. We’ll look at the opportunities for new Super Apps, and the common factors we see in successful Super Apps.

As the popularity of Super Apps grows across the West, and with more players involved than just tech companies, building and delivering an app is an increasingly more attractive proposition to banks and financial institutions. And with more and more consumers embracing the idea of one app for multiple needs, there’s a real chance of success.

The Growing Super App Opportunity

In the last article we covered the regulatory factors that could mean the growth of Super Apps is slower in Europe and North America than Asia, but even with those additional factors, the growing interest of consumers in the West is a strong argument for building Super Apps.

Organisations considering building their own Super Apps in these regions will certainly have to be careful in terms of data protection and other regulatory issues, but if their existing customer base seem ready to embrace the trend, it’s worth investigating.

The Super App proposition offers benefits to both consumers and businesses:

Benefits to Consumers

  • Simple and convenient digital platform
  • Using a single app for multiple use cases reduces ‘app fatigue’
  • A unified and consistent user experience
  • Their experience can be customised based on preferences and usage

Benefits to Businesses

  • Fees and commissions earned from transactions
  • Improved ad targeting thanks to customer data available
  • Optimised development costs and scalability
  • Additional monetisation and growth opportunities

Key Super App Success Factors

When we look at existing Super Apps, there are definitely common factors that could be considered key to their success. Having a strong core product or service as a starting point means higher engagement from the start, and that engagement is key for future offerings. Customer needs and market trends will naturally change, so monitoring and understanding them is key to shaping growth.

Another factor that supports fast growth is ensuring you have supply-side economies of scale to make sure you can serve your customers throughout the app journey. And strategic partnerships make it easier to create a streamlined ecosystem, as well as lowering your development costs.


Other success factors in Super App development include making sure the app is accessible and inclusive, ensuring the app’s product and services align with social responsibility, and (as already mentioned) solid data security.

To start building your own Super App, you’ll find what you need from our SmartVista digital banking and super apps platform. If you’ve enjoyed our series of articles on the topic, make sure you download the full report, The Definitive Guide to Super Apps.


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